Madd Springbreak ISA Contest in Linz ( Austria ) 14.03.2015 ab 10:00 Uhr

Dear scooter riders,
this is the first annual ISA scooter competition powered by MADD GEAR . Location is the world wide known indoor skatepark in Linz, Austria,which has been a mekka for scooter-riders all over Europe for the last couple of years.
There will be an amature contest for -15 and +15 year old riders,and of course the Pro division,with Professionals from all over the world.
It is a qualfication contest,so the top ten riders in PRO finals will make their way to the european championships in warsaw.First place will get a wildcard to the ISA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS..
Starting dues:
AM under 15: 10 Euros
Am over 15 : 15 Euros
PRO : 25 Euros
Skatepark use for non-partcipants: 4 Euros
Spectators : FREE